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 Individual Counseling

Marriage Counseling

Do you want intimacy in your marriage? Does your marriage feel lifeless and you are both stuck on how to fix it? Are you healing from an affair? You can have the marriage you desire.












Abuse Recovery

Relational abuse can be subtle and lead to confusion or walking on eggshells.  Our bodies and brains are also very adept in adjusting to abuse in order to protect our minds and our hearts.  We become hardwired for fight, flight, or freeze instead of dealing with the perceived or real danger in front of us.  Abuse creates triggers that send us into having automatic reactions to normal life events.  For example, a person who was constantly criticized may immediately get overly angry or shut down emotionally even when a caring person offers guidance.  Others may have heart palpitations, turn to food or alcohol, or block out triggering interactions that cause an old feeling.  If any of this sounds familiar, there is hope and healing available.  Learning to identify your triggers and react differently is possible and can relieve both anxiety and depression.  Emotional, verbal, and physical abuse can leave you feeling scared and on edge.  It can also cause low levels of depression that leave you feeling like you are living life under a haze.  But you can live freely without these reactions and get back to the you that you were created to be.