Search For Truth Counseling | Chronic Headaches/Pain
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Chronic Headaches/Pain

Do you deal with chronic headaches or migraines or have a child or
loved who does? Being in constant pain can leave you feeling isolated and lonely. Also, watching your child suffer without knowing how to help can leave you feeling helpless and overwhelmed.


Even if you believe that your headaches are caused by biological or environmental factors only, finding a solution to pain through medical management can be frustrating. Being shuffled from one doctor to the next in an attempt to find a solution is difficult. A counselor can help you or your loved one focus on breaking the cycle of disability associated with pain and improve your overall functioning, while navigating the medical options available.


Sometimes pain is a combination of biological and interpersonal factors, can begin with an injury or emotional trauma and results in pain escalation due to stress. Whatever the cause, counseling helps one to manage and understand their condition, while addressing the stress and loneliness that come with chronic pain. If you are a teenager or adult dealing with chronic headaches or pain, let us help you devise a plan toward medical health while developing the coping skills you need to return to normal functioning.