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Don’t Worry…Be Happy! End Anxiety and Worry.

by Lisa Leahey, MA, LPCC, NCC Anxiety, fear, and worry are all normal parts of life. In healthy doses, it is what propels us to get to work on time, stop suddenly when a car pulls out in front of us, and be diligent about teaching our children how to handle conflict. But what happens when these things start to affect our health and overall happiness?  A man might be worried about never having money like his father, and tell himself that the anger he feels is just a normal part of life. The same man's wife may drink three glasses...

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Walk a Mile in My Shoes

by Lisa Leahey, MA, Registered Psychotherapist Hearing stories about divorce from friends and clients cannot prepare one for the journey through the process of divorce.  It is much like having children in that you can explain it to others, but you cannot imagine the highs and lows of parenthood until you hold your baby for the first time or your colicky baby brings you to tears yourself.  Divorce is similar because your whole life changes and you may find yourself apologizing to a friend who went through a divorce when you were married because you simply did not understand the rollercoaster...

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