Search For Truth Counseling | Abuse Recovery
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Abuse Recovery

Trauma Recovery


Major life disturbances, abuse, and trauma can affect a person’s sense of self. Relief from anxiety, depression, triggering events, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) can help you free yourself from living in the past. Therapy can access material that is dysfunctionally stored in the brain and reprocess the trauma to an adaptive resolution. Basically, what this means is that therapy can work to heal the brain from trauma, giving you relief and helping you to feel happier and more vibrant.


Relational Abuse Recovery


Emotional, verbal, and physical abuse, as well as neglect, leave emotional wounds, but the right therapy can lead to healing and freedom. Learning to have personal boundaries in relationships can stop the cycles of abuse.


Narcissistic Abuse Recovery


If you have been involved in a business or close relationship with someone with Narcissistic Personality Disorder, you are most likely bewildered by the contradictions in their behaviors. You may suffer from anxiety caused by walking on eggshells due to their need for constant admiration one minute and the rage, coldness, and shame they project the next. If you want to heal, disengage from the narcissists in your life, or learn to live with them in better harmony, please give me a call.

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